Anders Waage Nilsen

Kayaking around Smøla

In Sea kayaking on October 9, 2008 at 6:20 pm

Smøla is an amazing place. An island, out by the coast, nearby the town of Kristiansund – southwest from Trondheim. The big island is flat, surrounded by amazing number of skerries, channels, small island settlements – and these nice people that you always meet in the pheriphery of the world.

Me and my wife spent three day circumnavigating Smøla with kayaks. I have gone a lot of places with kayak, including the Helgeland Coast in Northern Norway, Bohuslän in Sweden and the Tromsø coastline. But I must say that the Smøla area is among the most perfect sea kayaking area I have visited – especially for 3-6 day mini expeditions like this. Spectacular scenery, fun tidal streams, perfect campgrounds – and practically no other people around. Any birdwatcher should put this place on the where-I-wish-to-go list. We had many close encounters with sea eagles, as well as seagulls, geese and other bird species. The adventure provider Hopen Aktivitetsgard offer kayak rental (decent quality), car shuttle on the island acommodation and good advice. Antoher option is Smøla Havstuer. There are no sertified instructors on the island as far as I know, but guiding for groups may be organized on request by the kayak specialist in the company Njord (that offers daily guided kayak trips in Flåm during summer).


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