Anders Waage Nilsen

The Essentials of Skiing

In Mountaineering, Skiing on October 9, 2008 at 9:38 pm

Good news for norwegian skiers (as well as skiers from the rest of the world searching a new place where the powder is still untracked). Five small powder resorts in the northwest for Fjord Norway have created a ski region – where one pass gives access to all the lifts. It is available from the 2008/2009-season on. And to warn you: We are talking small-scale, draglift, no-fancy-restaurant style resort, where you get the very essentials of skiing – good powder snow, nice terrain and good people – and basically nothing else. The new skipass is called “Alpepasset” – and for those of you that read subtitles in big international ski movies may recognize places such as Strandafjellet, Stryn and Fjellsetra. The “Get Lucky” ski movie from Field Productions contains a bonus track from Strandafjellet – worth checking out. The Sunnmøre Alps mountain region is amazing also for ski touring and winter climbing, and the best winter surf of Europe is only two hours away – at Hoddevika, Stadlandet. The only question is: When will it start snowing?


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