Anders Waage Nilsen

My Favourite Hotel

In Uncategorized on October 31, 2008 at 7:59 pm

There is this place that I keep coming back to. Turtagrø Hotel is the place were mountaineering was born in Norway, as british climbers explored the mountains of the Hurrungane range 150 years ago. It was where artists and composers retreated to seek inspiration, among them, the famous Edvard Grieg. Still, this little lodge-like hotel is  the best  basecamp for alpine climbing and ski touring in Southern Norway. Warning: I may be biased. In my former position as a ski magazine editor I have been working closely with the amazing staff over the years, on events such as the HighCamp ski touring festival (held every year in the beginning of may) and the Nordic Mountain Film Festival (held annually in early september). I even married at the hotel, and proposed to my wife on top of Store Skagastølstind. Why? There is something about the atmosphere up in this remote place, so far away from everyday life, so close to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Northern Europe. The Hurrungane range offers classic climbing routes and ridge traverses on all levels. The skier will find classic ski tours such as Dyrhaugstind and Store Riingstind, as well as some of the steepest and most exposed faces skied in Norway.

The hotel is new, but have a long story. The old wooden main building burned down a few years ago, and the fifth generation owner, Ole Drægni, rebuildt the hotel in modern style – but keeping the atmosphere, the mountain book library and the fireplace in the lounge where an expensive norwegian beer always feels like the best one you ever had. Ole tragically died in the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004, but his and the mountaineering spirit is still alive at Turtagrø. Check out video from the Highcamp event.


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